Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The twins 1st game Sept 5th 2009

Well we are off to a good start, we played the Fredericksburg Rams and won 18-6. Even though we had to travel for a total of three hours it was a nice ride with pretty views and gave Jamie and I some time to bond as well. The boys rode up there with their friend Corey and his mom, Jamie and I enjoyed the ride up, and the ride back was good because Ethan crashed out after he ate his lunch. It was a long day for us getting up by 7.30 am and returning around 5.00 pm., but I tell you I would not miss any of these moments. As I look at all my boys and see my three older boys, and how much they have grown and become young adults I realize that we have to cherish all our time with our kids. They grow up so fast, and everyday together are memories we will keep with us forever. I just want to also say that we missed you Lisa, the games won't be the same without you!!!!

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Whoop Whoop, Judson Rockets!!

Well, the twins and I went to our 1st Judson home game the other night. It was very exciting as always and even though we got our butts kicked, and got some rain we had a good time. The boys had fun with their cousins and friends, and enjoyed the nachos.
I sure miss going to the games with the older boys, Marcus and Ryan were at work and Michael with his friends, but happy that I still have the twins to hang with me!!
I cannot wait to see the twins on that field one day as I enjoyed watching the older boys during football and track.

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Their 1st Concert

The boys finally went to their first concert. We received back stage passes to see Demi Lovato (our cousins step-daughter), and drove to Dallas with Popo, Nane , Aunt Jamie, Aunt Christy and cousin Ella. Let's just say the drive up there was an adventure, the boys and Ella really try to get along. The show opened with my favorite and moms, David Archuleta he was fantastic and we always said he should have won American Idol. He was so cute and seeing mom when he came out was so funny ( this was her first concert also), she cried and we were so happy she got the chance to see him on stage. Demi, as the kids would say "ROCKED", she is really good in concert and we all enjoyed the show and the opportunity for the kids to see their "cousin".

When it was all done and over, we all piled into Lisa's car and stayed the night at her place. Mom and dad had the hotel room to themselves because we all wanted to see Lisa's place. It was really nice, the boys loved it. Ethan managed to find one of Lisa's robes and though he was a boxer.They especially enjoyed getting to snuggle with Aunt Lisa on the blow up mattress, and once they laid down they were out. We enjoyed breakfast the next morning with the Uncles and headed back to SA, this time the kids were so pooped from the night before they didn't have the energy to fight. They just wanted to sleep.

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What will they talk about next?

Well, I'm not sure what brought this conversation up the other day, I'm assuming it started with Jamie saying she did not want kids. Jamie and I were talking about children and of course the twins were in there and as usual had to join the conversation. Ethan was saying that he only wants to have two kids with his wife. I told him that two was a good number, he then when on to say that if him and his wife are together for two hours then they would have two kids only. Jamie and I just started laughing, we couldn't believe what he was saying and that he was so serious. I told him with no detail that the hours had nothing to do with determining how many children you would have. That some people have no children, and that you usually only have one child , and maybe another one much later. Unless of course you become as blessed as me and have twins. Isaiah's response " if you have no children then it would be for nothing, then why do it"? Okay, that's enough of that conversation! :) Needless to say, they had me and Jamie rolling.

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Our Family Vacation!!!

Well, I'm happy to say that not too much time has passed since my last Blog. I'll get better, let me start by saying that we had a GREAT time on our trip to South Padre. Though we have been there before every trip holds different memories. We had a really cool condo right on the beach, the water was wonderful and the weather was great. Our first night the kids had to go searching with flashlights for crabs, they had such a good time. Then it was two days on the beach, I learned that my Isaiah is NOT afraid of the water, and getting on his boogie board and having the waves drift him away was a blast for him and a nightmare for me. I finally went with him to where he wanted to go and then we were back where I felt more comfortable. We saw dolphins ( lots of dolphins) and Ethan was trying to convince me that they could be sharks, I think they like scaring me!! We all had a good time at the beach and at the pool, and we laughed a lot. The boys thought it was funny that a wave went over my head and that I lost my sunglasses because another wave hit the top of my head and they fell off into the water. They even teased me the next day that they thought they saw them floating in the in the water :) Fun times!!!

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Monday, June 22, 2009

I know, so much time has passed,,,,

Okay, well I told Lisa this would be a challenge for me! I started working again in March and I have been super, super, super busy!!! With Marcus's graduation, the graduation party, the paperwork and information in reference to college, I can go on and on.

Well lets start with Marcus, my 1st baby is officially out of High School, he is working full time during the summer and will attend St Phillips F\T in the fall, he also wants to continue working F\T. Ryan is also working F\T for the summer and enjoys working at HEB, he is a Senior, yes back to back, I have a 2 yr break then it's Michael's turn. Lets not talk about the break between him and the twins! :)

Michael and the twins are enjoying the summer, Michael staying the night with friends and hanging out at the school gym, the twins trying to be in the pool everyday.

Marcus had a good track season, Dist Champs, Regional Qualifier, and State Qualifers. Michael had a good season in Soccer, the twins will finally be starting Football Season, but with a new team. More on that later.

Mothers Day was great, the kids made me breakfast, the twins washed the dishes and actually did a good job. We just had Marcus's grad party and we had such a good time with family and friends. Let me see what else has happened since March? Oh, our dog Brody is a daddy to 6, two boys and 4 girls.

We finally got the the Magazine of the twins from Ser Padres, whew. I like to talk but that was alot.

I will try my best to update our blog more often!!! :)

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Friday, March 6, 2009


I asked Lisa to take some pictures of the twins for me in Marion one week-end and I have to say I'm glad she did. I have been wanting to update their pictures and Lisa did a wonderful job, she really is better than she thinks. Photographers are so expensive and Lisa and Christy take wonderful pictures. I'm already blessed to have them as sisters and so happy they have an extra talent in photography. Here are some shots of Lisa at work!

Thank You, Aunt Lisa!

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